What to Expect

What to Expect

The 1st Step to a Healthier You

Day 1

Step 1
Intake Paperwork: While we do provide physical copies of intake forms in our office, all of the forms will be available  when you schedule your appointment. Filling out the paperwork online and sending it in prior to arriving at the office gives the doctors some time to review your reason for coming in and makes the Day 1 process run smoother.

Step 2
1-on-1 Health Consultation: One of the Dr’s will sit down with you and take a detailed health history. They will take a deep dive into your reason for seeking care.

Step 3
Specific X Rays: We take X-rays of your spine for two reasons. The first being to rule out any fractures or anomalies that we might otherwise miss. The second is to get a better idea of the structure and movement of your spine. This allows us to see where stored tension may reside in your spine and helps us to map out the best plan for you.

Step 4
Vitalistic Testing: Following X-rays we will begin a series of vitalistic tests, including: blood pressure, spinal ranges of motion, heart rate variability and pulse rate. These tests give us a better idea of how your body is adapting to stress and paints a picture of your overall health. Each test's purpose will be explained in more detail during the exam.

Step 5
Chiropractic Assessment: This is arguably the most important part of the exam where one of the Dr’s will assess the health of your spine and system as a whole. During the assessment, the Dr’s will be looking for areas of stored tension and lack of proper motion in the spine. 

Game Plan

Step 6
Between your 1st and 2nd visit the Dr’s will sit down together and go over every part of your case in more detail. The Dr’s will use state of the art software to map out your posture and measure the spinal curves from your x-rays. Based on all of their findings the Dr’s come up with a plan specific to your health needs. 

Dr. Ty Womack explaining something to a patient

Day 2: Report of Findings

Step 7
When you return to the office, one of the Dr’s will sit down with you to discuss their findings. They will explain, in more detail, what they believe is causing your current issue and answer any questions you might have.

Step 8
The Dr’s will then discuss how chiropractic care can help with your current health issue and present their recommendations for care. The recommendations will have every aspect of your care plan mapped out so you have a vision of where you are headed.

Step 9
Once all of your options have been discussed and a decision has been made, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment and take a giant leap on your journey to optimal health.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Womack. He makes the whole process very easy to understand. I went two times a week for three months and he helped completely resolve my lower back and neck pain. The tips and tools he suggested for flexibility and posture has made significant positive changes in my life.".

Kevin M.

"Having the Dr.'s at OK CC adjust me every week has been a life changer. I really appreciate their compassion for providing care to their patients as well as promoting the importance of taking care of one's health. On top of the that they were kind enough to come by and take care of my MMA team. We are glad that we have such compassionate chiropractors to take care of our health."

Austin B.

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