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The adjustment is the foundation of the care we provide here at Oklahoma Chiropractic Collective, but we don’t stop there. In addition we provide supplemental services to maximize your results and get you back to feeling great and functioning optimally. 

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Spinal Adjustment

The purpose of the Chiropractic Adjustment is to remove areas of stored tension in the spine and restore proper spinal motion. This helps expedite healing and promotes proper communication between the brain and the rest of the body. In short, we help or assist your nervous system to function properly which in turn promotes healing and prevents future injury. While the spine is the focus of our treatment, we also assess and treat injuries and dysfunctions of the extremities. 

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Intersegmental Traction (IST)

 Intersegmental Traction (IST): Promotes movement in the joints of the spine. Movement is how the joints of the spine, including the discs, receive nutrients to stay strong and healthy. IST also serves to relax the system and prepare you for the adjustment.

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Manual Therapy

The purpose of manual muscle therapy is to remove muscular tension or trigger points. This restores proper muscular tone, reduces pain and increases range of motion. 

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TENS Therapy/EMS Therapy

The benefits of electrical muscle stimulation include: pain reduction, relief from muscle spasms and cramps, injury rehabilitation, and tissue repair.

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Functional Movement Screening

Motion is life, and proper motion throughout the spine and extremities plays a massive role in your day to day activities. This screening allows us to examine your movement patterns, pinpoint areas of dysfunction, and restore optimal, pain free movement in your life.

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Postural Restoration

We live in a world of sitting, cellphones, computers, work from home and many other activities that cause our healthy posture to diminish. Using our state-of-the-art posture scanning technology we can measure the curves of your spine and pinpoint areas that need just a little extra attention. After adjusting your spine and restoring proper movement to the joints we will provide stretching and traction protocols to restore and maintain the natural, healthy curves of your spine.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Womack. He makes the whole process very easy to understand. I went two times a week for three months and he helped completely resolve my lower back and neck pain. The tips and tools he suggested for flexibility and posture has made significant positive changes in my life.".

Kevin M.

"Having the Dr.'s at OK CC adjust me every week has been a life changer. I really appreciate their compassion for providing care to their patients as well as promoting the importance of taking care of one's health. On top of the that they were kind enough to come by and take care of my MMA team. We are glad that we have such compassionate chiropractors to take care of our health."

Austin B.

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